An actor par excellence, an audacious writer, and a debutant filmmaker who displays some competence, Uncle is Mammukka’s finest film in recent times, and indeed the kind of film which can be described as the need of the hour.Mammootty’s remarkable charm and subtle performance was a delight to watch, while Karthika and Joy Mathew were fine in their respective roles, and then there is Muthumani who delivers a highly impactful act.Uncle isn’t a film with great novelty or freshness, and it definitely has its share of flaws, still, the neat and convincing presentation of a socially pertinent theme makes it a decent cinema.

When it comes to the technical aspects, Uncle is a fine product with nothing much to fuss about, nevertheless, both the songs sung by Mammootty was damn too good.On the downside, there are occasional lags which kind of tampers the entertainment.On the whole, Uncle is a film of substantial quality, and it’s a welcome relief for ‘Mammootty the actor’.

Rating 4/5