A string of coincidences blended beautifuly and sub plots meeting the main plot carved neatly. Streetlights is all about how this.
As debutant Shamdatt claimed before the release, its a clean and neat “Entertainment Thriller” which blends comedy,romance,crimes,investigation into a single basket of entertainment which thrills the audience. It is not an edge of seat thriller but certainly is the among the best to have released in mollywood in recent times.


The film begins with three friends – Sachi (Hareesh Perummana), Raju (Dharmajan Bolgatty), Murugan (Stunt Silva) – sneaking into a house with the intent to rob. Sachi and Raju are not very smart thieves who usually prefer to steal gold chains on a lower scale . Murugan, a notorious criminal from Theni,is the brain behind the operation and that’s how the three of them get their hands on a necklace worth Rs 5 crore from the house of jeweller played by Joy Mathew. Sachi and Raju are innocent foolish thieves, and this causes frustration to Murugan on knowing the necklace been lost from them. How they investigate towards the lost necklace and how Inspector James , unofficially takes this case and why he does take it unofficially is themajor plot.


Mammootty yet again shines as a police officer and is much cooler than his yesteryear police officer role.
Stunt Silva who plays Murugan enacted brillaintly as notorious rogue while character of his brother portrayed by Motta Rajendran was engaging and clean.
Writer Fawaz Mohamed introduces three characters in Ramya (Lijomol Jose), a customer care representative at Idea showroom; her cousin (Soubin Shahir) who owns a beauty parlor and a child Mani from her neighborhood who hails from a poor background, sone of a household lsbourer and a drunkard father. It is these three who add flavor to the film.


Direction – Brilliantly carved all the sub plot to a single main plot and blended to an enteratiner thriller.
Script – Not the greatest of thrillers, but definitely the best of recent times.

Music and BGM

Simple,melodious and soothing while BGM was apt for situations.
Cinematography- Deserves Special mention for adding the mercuty shades of Streetligh color tone to visuals.


Go For it, it will not dissapoint you. A complete Entertaiment Thriller- as claimed by Director.

Rating – 3.5/5