Synopsis: Abrahaminte Santhathikal is a thriller starring Mammootty as Derick Abraham in the lead role.It revolves around murder investigation and the phases the investigation officer Derick Abraham goes through.

Screenplay and Direction: Shaji Padoor who makes the debut after his 22 Years Assistant Director Experience has did an outstanding job as the master craftsman of the movie.Haneef Adeni ‘s Screenplay demanded a wise execution and Shaji Padoor has executed it to the ultimate best.A first half that starts off in style quotients and then revolving around emotional contents ends with a Super Interval punch.Second half keep its flow and once it enters the final 30 minutes.The movie shift its gears to an another level.Haneef Adeni’ s dialogues also deserves a huge applause as it created Waves in Theatres .


Mammootty as Derick Abraham was awesome as he carried the movie through out on his shoulders . He still has that ability to amuse viewers with his magical performance and it came out again yesterday. Kalabhavan Shajon got another meaty role and he was excellent as always.Aanson Paul faced biggest challenge of his life as Philip Abraham and he did a commendable job.Rest of the cast like Kaniha,Renji Panicker,Siddique were also fine with their performances.

Technical Side and Music:

Alby Antony was the perfect choice for this movie as he delivers excellent cinematography thus helps in movie attaining an extra mileage.Mahesh Narayanan did another excellent work as far as an editor is concerned.His cuts made the movie a complete package.

Gopi Sundar as usual delivers a top Notch bgm .His songs can also be termed as his recent best.

Rating : 4.0/5.0

Verdict: Abrahaminte Santhathikal is a movie that gives you an excellent feel once you leave the theatre hall after watching the movie thanks to an excellent climax and technical side

Overall Rating
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